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Graphic Design

I help anyone, from small business owners to corporations, create branded content for use in websites, apps and promotions. 

Do you have an illustration or design need? Contact me here.

Visual Boston Icons


Visual Boston - Badge Icons

Visual Boston, is a team of digital product experts focused on product design, strategy, and development for mobile/web apps and websites. They hired me to create a series of Badge Icons for their client, with a friendly, hand-drawn appeal. 


Whole Kid Books - Logo & Website

I designed a logo & website for this new independent publishing company. They wanted to avoid using the cliché image of a book in their logo, and build a brand that encourages kids to get outside, explore and learn.

Visit to see the finished website.

Whole Kid Books Logo-Blue.jpg


Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU) - Savings Application

Project Finance & Visual Boston are collaborating to launch a personal savings application for Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU), and needed my help designing a series of images to pop up when users reach savings milestones... I sketched a number of concepts, including this Piggy Bank Living' Large storyline, which they ended up animating. The app should launch sometime in 2023!


Service CU Impact Foundation - Fundraiser Concept Illustration

Project Finance hired me to make a concept illustration for a charity fundraiser, lead by Service Credit Union. I incorporated their red, white and blue brand colors, raffle tickets, and some artistic license to represent the community they serve.


Indie Authors - Printouts, Promotional Materials, Merchandise & More...

I have several indie author clients who have went on to hire me as a graphic designer after illustrating their books. Here are just a few of the things I've made for them:

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