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Hello, and thank you for visiting!  I'm Erica Leigh, an illustrator, portrait artist and muralist from Massachusetts with 15 years of experience as a freelancer.

I help self-publishing authors with not only their illustration, but also their book design, editing + assistance with the submission process . I even help build successful crowdfunding campaigns for authors to launch their books, by creating eye-catching promo content, audio visuals + physical prizes.

Another major occupation of mine is painting pet and people portraits, which I customize and ship everywhere. I work in both acrylic, and digital for the most part. I'm also hired for logo design, website graphics, CD art, and a bunch of other odds and ends. 



      My early beginnings as an artist consisted mostly of graphite-stained palms, and erasers that I wore down to nothing.  I was a pencil-sketch hobbyist, naturally drawn to faces.  I began experimenting with art publicly when I painted sets for musical theater productions in grade school.  My passion for music always took center stage growing up, with Art waiting patiently in the wings. That began to change once I hit college...

     While learning a bachelor's in Songwriting and Voice at Berklee College of Music my hand-painted event posters caught someone's eye, and next thing I knew I was painting several murals on their walls.  I found it amusing that I was leaving my "mark" on the school with a literal paintbrush, but I embraced it.  I wound up painting 4 murals, countless signs and even took on the role of interior designer to revamp an old cafeteria.

     When I left music school and produced my debut album "Puzzle Heart" for iTunes, I painted my album artwork and incorporated painting into every aspect of the release, from the music video to the photo shoot.  This caught the attention of several local musicians who hired me to paint album art and merchandise for them, too.  

     To this day I am still largely influenced as a painter by my music career. I am actively working full time in both music and art, and have two cozy studios in the office and spare bedroom of my residence where I spend my work days. 

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