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It Started with a Happy Accident...

You might be surprised to hear that my career as an artist began by accident.


MUSIC was always the pipe dream for me, growing up. I couldn't really see anything else in front of me, however Art had a way of staying close by in the wings - like when I tried my hand at set painting for my grade school musical theater productions, or illustrated posters for my gigs as a singer-songwriter. 

While earning my bachelor's degree in Songwriting and Voice from Berklee College of Music, an unexpected opportunity arose... My hand-drawn event posters caught someone's eye, and the next thing I knew, I was painting several murals on the college's walls.


I wound up being Berklee's artist in residence, even after graduation, doing odd jobs like designing signs and logos, making party decor for staffers and even doing interior design for their cafeteria makeover... I didn't know it at the time, but Berklee was the perfect training ground for a freelance art career. 


When I produced my debut music album after graduation, I painted my own cover art. I even staged a paint-splattered music video and photo shoot.  Bright rainbow colors and rich textures were instinctually included in everything I created. I loved the way they gave my art  energy that I could almost feel.  


These experimentations caught the attention of several local musicians who hired me to paint album art and merchandise for them, too.  It was like falling dominoes from there...  I didn't plan for art to become so important in my life, but it was the perfect compliment to music and these two careers sustained each other. 


As an introverted extrovert (or extroverted introvert?), this tandem career still suits me well to this day...  When I am not in my recording booth doing vocal work and writing songs for kids shows, I am busy illustrating children's books and doing a variety of design projects. 


As an illustrator I'm heavily influenced by my love of children.  Before going full-time with a creative career I was a music and art teacher for toddlers and preschoolers, as well as a nanny.  I'm also an overly-enthusiastic Auntie who loves indulging in playtime with my nieces.  Since kids have always been central to my life, I've gained an understanding of how to engage with them in an entertaining and educational way.  I'm always thinking through their lens when I sit down to draw.  I want my nieces to love the book, because they are the ultimate litmus test! 

Finally, I'm a huge nature lover and a lot of my work has been influenced by my years as a portrait artist, doing countless paintings of pets!  I'm a total bird nerd, who loves identifying the species I see on nature walks and learning their songs.  I love capturing the natural world with my art. 

If you're interested in working together, I would love to hear from you.  You can reach me at

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